Are You On Drugs?

A lot of people are tempted to take drugs because they want to feel something different, or because their friends are doing it. First-time drug use is especially common amongst new students. However drugs are potentially harmful and could lead to a continuing addiction. If you are considering trying drugs or if you are already taking drugs it is important that you understand the risks that are associated with them.

This article aims to give you some information about some of the different types of drugs which are often taken by students


Cannabis is one of the most widely used recreational drugs and is usually smoked, eaten or drunk. A lot of people use it because they say that it makes them feel relaxed or that it helps to ease continued pain. However there are negative side effects of smoking cannabis.

Cannabis can make users feel very lethargic and may reduce their motivation levels.  People struggle to concentrate when they are under the effects of cannabis and some regular users will find that their concentration levels decrease at all times. In some cases, users become anxious, paranoid and even experience schizophrenic episodes after cannabis use. As with regular tobacco, smoking cannabis can lead to increased likelihood of developing lung diseases, heart diseases and lung cancer.


Depending on what form it is in cocaine can either be smoked, snorted or injected. Although many users say that it increases their confidence, give them more energy and improves their mood, the effects are usually short lived and can be followed by a nasty comedown. During the comedown phase a user may feel depressed, unwell and lethargic and the comedown effects can last for several days.

Cocaine use can cause a heart attack by over-stimulating the heart and nervous system. The risk of a heart attack is exacerbated if the user already has an existing heart condition, or if the user takes cocaine at the same time as drinking alcohol. Snorting cocaine will damage the cartilage in your nose and can result in a deviated septum. It can be a highly addictive substance and can cause problems for people who have developed a psychological dependency on the drug.


Ecstasy can be obtained in powder form (which can be snorted or rubbed on the gums) or in tablet form. Many users feel as though they are more alert, affectionate and talkative, and that they experience the world in Technicolor. However, taking ecstasy can also cause confusion, anxiety, paranoia and types of psychosis. Long term use may cause depression, ongoing anxiety and memory issues.

The main danger associated with ecstasy is from dehydrating and overheating because the drug affects the body temperature control. If users consume too much water to overcompensate for this when they have taken the drug, it can also cause serious medical issues and even death. Ecstasy may become addictive over time and the body also build up a tolerance to it. When the body is tolerant to it, the user will have to take more of the drug in order to get the same effects.


Speed is a stimulant which can be taken in a number of different ways. Users are said to feel more alert more energetic and more confident. It may also reduce the users appetite. Negative side effects of the drug include agitation and aggression. Over time, users can become confused paranoid or psychotic. They are likely to develop depression or ongoing lethargy after periods of heavy use.

Speed can also put excess stress on the heart which can lead to a heart attack or ongoing heart problems.

Legal Highs

Many people think that legal highs are safe because they are not illegal. However, many legal highs are only still considered to be legal because not enough research has been carried out on them yet. Many of these legal highs have adverse mental health effects and can affect the physical health as well. In recent years, an increasing number of people have died after consuming legal highs.

If you do take drugs

If you do decide to take drugs, you should make sure that someone knows what you have taken, and that they are willing to share this information with doctors if you do experience any negative health consequences. Knowing what has been taken can help the doctors to save your life.

You should never mix drugs, as this is more likely to have serious consequences. You should also avoid drinking alcohol if you are taking any other types of drugs, including cannabis.

Never take any drug if you don’t know what it is, even if a trusted friend says that they can vouch for it.

Remember that dealers often cut their drugs which substances to make the products “go further”. The substances that they use may also be harmful.